By Shenzhen Vxfly Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. (深圳微孚智能)
Made by Shenzhen Vxfly from China, the CCROV is an excellent mini ROV at a very affordable price, ideal for underwater observation tasks for both professional and recreational users.

SeaGlobe is the authorised distributor for CCROV in the South East Asia and Australia.​

CCROV main features:

  • 4K camera and 720P real time transmission
  • 6 thrusters (4 horizontal and 2 vertical). That is 2 or 3 more than most ROV’s which makes it very nimble in navigating narrow underwater spaces.
  • Very small in size: 208 mm (L) x 204mm (W) x 158mm (H).
  • Very light and portable: 5.524kg only for the ROV machine.
  • Unique Tether Deployment System (TDS) with slot for inserting the intelligent battery or connecting to external AC power supply.
  • Dives up to 100 meters of water depth.
  • Extremely easy to handle even for those with no prior experience operating ROV’s. You could easily control the CCROV with your mobile devices set on the remote controller (Mobile APP available for iOS and Android phones)

With the standard package selling from only US$3K+ and the impressive technical specifications, the CCROV is truly great value for money.    

The CCROV standard package contains:
  • CCROV Machine x 1
  • Tether Deployment System and Umbilical x 1 (four different umbilical lengths available for different prices: 25m, 50m, 75m, 95m)
  • Remote Controller x 1 
  • Battery Charger x 1
  • Battery x 1

Optional accessories:
  • Spare Battery
  • AC Power Module
  • Hard Case
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